XiPi training chair should be how to maintain

by:Tevson     2020-08-02
Now the company in order to save the company's costs, purchasing leather training chairs, most of them choose XiPi. XiPi, also known as synthetic leather or artificial leather, beautiful and smooth, feel is also good, compared with the leather surface is difficult to distinguish. But also avoid the spots will, actually XiPi training chair that how to maintain is the best? Training chair manufacturer yamato furniture to teach you a few common maintenance methods. Training chair in daily use clean soft cloth to wipe gently, if the dirt for a long time, the most ideal way of cleaning is the use of warm water diluted neutral cleaner, 1﹪~3﹪) Leading to wipe, and then to twist dry clean dishcloth to clean fluid, with dry cloth to polish finally, to be completely dry before using the right amount of leather care agent can wipe evenly. XiPi generally has good heat resistance, resistance to wet and ventilation features, good quality and the quality of the microfiber leather, some high-grade XiPi even can be used in airline seat. And office furniture production focus on training chair and its XiPi training chair select material to eu standards, select XiPi, comfortable and durable. Only on the maintenance, general maintenance can be. Also has elegant color, perfect tactility and beautiful appearance, give consumers the best physical and visual experience. XiPi training chair maintenance methods you have learned?
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