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by:Tevson     2020-09-16
Foshan is China's famous furniture capital, there are a lot of selling furniture, sell a lot of also training for office chair, in the face of so many goods, how should choose? Where did you get will be on? This is going to see if you like what type of office chairs from the material composition, can be divided into: leather office chair, PU leather office chair, office chair, mesh cloth cloth chair, plastic chair, etc. Look from using type, can be divided into: the boss chair, work chair, staff chair, training chairs, conference chairs, receive a visitor chair, ergonomic chairs, etc. From the usage situation, main office, open the clerk's office, conference room, reading room, book room, training classrooms, laboratories, dormitory, canteen workers, etc. On the basis of these, you can through the screening decided to buy office chair type if you want to feel money is very rich, I am a local tyrants who I'm afraid, you can see these brands to choose you want to buy office chair: international Steelcase ( The model) The United States (1) the world first-class office furniture brand, is well known in the world, and brand promotion methods, main marketing way for direct selling, a franchisor mode to peer first launched, two ways of good harvest. In beijing-tianjin-hebei has been in office furniture sales lead (2) the Steelcase office chair has been given priority to with simple design, is the first choice for office Haworth ( Mr Wolfowitz sea) The United States (1) the sea Mr Wolfowitz, based in Holland, Michigan (USA), Mr Wolfowitz is a global manufacturer of office furniture. Mr Wolfowitz sea business in China and the asia-pacific region for more than twenty years. The factory is located in Shanghai waigaoqiao free trade zone was established in 1997, covers an area of 20000 square meters. (2) the sea Mr Wolfowitz has branches in 120 countries, in 10 countries has established more than 20 manufacturing plants and more than 600 distributors. Product information, Mr. Ko exhibition is introduced: 'we mainly produce office chair, desk and filing cabinets, all products are tested to the structure of the major global market standards. 'If you are in the start-up stage, but also to improve company initial funds utilization rate, improve the company during the entrepreneurial ability to cope with some of the risks incident, also plans to control of operating costs to -- — Cost-effective second-hand office chair will be your choice there are statistics show that secondhand office furniture of choose and buy for entrepreneurs to save 50% ~ 60% of the cost. Second-hand brand office furniture not only cost savings for the enterprise, more social saving resources, environmental protection is a good helper. Of domestic a gleam of second-hand office furniture company furniture are mostly from the world top 500 enterprises, is the international top brand product, what sea Mr Wolfowitz, the world model, capa Mr Neri, these furniture from material, process, design and modelling are first-rate. This second-hand office furniture is often more excellence than new domestic products. In the office, virtually increased the strength of the company. When inspected our company have a customer for late business execution ability also cannot judge, external hardware facilities higher taste will be more likely to get the customer's appreciation, which greatly increases the chance of signing a contract. Big-name products considering the use of employees, comfort aspects also is very be research, imagine your office is Microsoft's big man sitting on the chair, in such a small 'the world top 500 enterprises' environment, work that how the mood is happy, the efficiency of natural cinch, bring to the company's work is very different. Benefits not only second-hand brand office furniture here is environmentally safe, must have many benefits to health of body and mind. This avoids may occur after some of the health concerns, reduce the risk to the enterprise. How do you say there's a phrase: you get what you pay for. Brand office chair to value is obvious to all, can use repeatedly disassembling. A few years later when your business growing need to replace a new batch of furniture, the furniture you can also find homes sold, almost no losses. Vernacular so much, although good used, choice must be careful, now shoddy, inferior renovation, no after-sales service on the market of small second-hand office furniture emerge in endlessly, bring friends, a lot of trouble. Suggest that we must choose the size and quality guarantee of professional second-hand office furniture supplier. Today, how to select training for office chair when it comes to this, I hope everyone can find the right training for office chair manufacturer!
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