What are the effects to choose bad students training chair

by:Tevson     2020-08-01
In contemporary many pupils will have early wear myopia glasses, foshan training chair factory and office furniture after a long time of observation and studies have found that the students because of long time sitting in the student training chair learning, writing, reading, students and training chair sitting in the great influence on it. Through a series of survey found that most students feel existing training chairs, desks, uncomfortable, take a seat for more than 1 hour to appear the waist sour backache, uncomfortable feeling. Space is too small, range is very limited. Students training chair, desk design is not reasonable, causing students sitting position is not correct, also causes the eye from the desktop is not correct, cause students myopia, spine, cervical vertebra the occurrence of the phenomenon such as bending, and the formation of bad habits, such as sitting position is not correct. In addition, students training chair uncomfortable also make students difficulty concentrating, affect the efficiency of listening and learning. Foshan training chair factory and office furniture raw height growth trend of students through the analysis of the investigation, analysis the advantages and disadvantages of existing students training chairs, desks, afresh from the Angle of ergonomics design satisfy students physiological and psychological needs of students in each stage of training chair, let more students have a good learning environment.
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