Training with tablet chair sell like hot cakes

by:Tevson     2020-08-24
Today to introduce the company internal training with tablet chair, the chair of training now, but the hot market, line of sales of 50000 copies a month. What this training with tablet chair have edge, so everyone's backpack, the following will see together! 'Deng deng deng deng' this training chair looks good high ah, it is just a training community prince charming, whether material or material on the work craft is masterly. To introduce the below training material and size of chairs. Training with tablet chair size: front foot width is 49 cm, on both sides of the width is 63 cm. Height is 82 cm, and the overall size is very accord with human body normal sitting height. Training with tablet chair material: nylon plastic adhesive back, back of a chair is bending deflection corresponding to the human body vertebra, lets you health office. Plastic fittings and chair foot back, safe and strong. Seat cushion is high density stereotypes sponges, elastic, let you don't feel tired sitting. Seat can also be turned up 90 °, can row stacked training chair, need not when can save a lot of space. Tablet can also fold, humanized design. Four feet with mute non-slip MATS, caress your floor. This training chair can be used in the training room, conference rooms and other large occasions, both in appearance level and function on the comfort, is introduced to this, you move? Heart feel find our purchase order, we are foshan and furniture is a company specializing in the production of training the service form a complete set of tables and chairs, sincerely welcome to our shop to discuss cooperation!
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