Training folding chair sell like hot cakes

by:Tevson     2020-08-23
And training chair, according to the human body engineering and human body aesthetics, combined with functional design. Let you experience the different training chair product description: training the folding chair by South Korea imported 1600 PP material plate and the back of a chair, plastic board can choose black and white double color, nylon thick tablet, there are five different tablet style, international lengzha steel foot is the lacquer that bake, thickness of 1. 2 mm, with horse/white optional! Fold training chair cushion use high-density stereotypes sponges, comfortable and close skin, sedentary not tired, color can be choose! Process description: training chair part iron welding of carbon dioxide protection welding and arc welding, the steel pipe surface after oil removal, rust removal, phosphating, electrostatic plastic spraying process, such as high temperature curing, strong and durable quality. Product features: 1. Training chair adopt imported PP plastic, anti-aging, antioxidant characteristics, economical and practical, durable; 2. Multicolor optional training chair glue board color, chair disassembling transportation, for you to save transportation cost; 3. Training chair unique back design, can relieve a long time to maintain posture of fatigue; 4. Training chair simplicity of style, not too much adornment, conform to the pursuit of simple nature of the modern trend; 5. Training chair simple and easy, strong and durable products, both for training on occasion, as well as private places;
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