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by:Tevson     2020-08-10
Folding chair training means the person sitting in a state of desktop work when used in the chair, also can be folded, save a lot of time and space. With the development of science and technology, production technology of folding chair training also obtained the development, training on market now folding chair style variety, then introduce training production folding chair which is good for you. Below to introduce this training a folding chair from foshan factory! Foshan city born and office furniture is located in the world's largest furniture production base - longjiang town, shunde district, foshan city, guangdong province, since it was founded in 2004 has been committed to the training chairs, conference chairs, clerk chairs, etc. The research and development and production of office chairs, is one of the main manufacturers in foshan district office training chairs. After years of exploration and accumulation, the company personnel, technology such as software and production equipment such as hardware has been quite perfect, has the certain scale. Implement 5 s production management rules, implement ISO9001 standard production process. In ensuring the production of 'high quality products', 'rest assured products' fulfill the great trust at the same time has won a number of related patents, leading the industry trend. The baptism of the market in a few years, the company's products by the vast number of customers at home and abroad, marketing at home and abroad in many areas. Looking forward to the future, we will strive to more perfect marketing network, 'yamato furniture' will be 'better products, more professional service, more competitive price' collaborate with you, common development!
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