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by:Tevson     2020-09-05
Each training institutions are the pursuit of a comfortable working environment atmosphere. Does the quality of the work environment directly affects the work efficiency. After all, every day sit in the train length can reach 7 hours on the desks and chairs. Training chair manufacturer to tell you how to select training tables and chairs. Yamato furniture proposal, in addition to training chairs are comfortable and supportive, also should learn to choose and adjust the training chair, especially training chair height and depth. First to choose the appropriate training a high chair. 。 Principle is when you sit down, leg heel is 90 degrees, is 90 degrees between the leg and thigh. In addition, the training chair sitting depth should be the lap 2 to 4 fingers, upper body and legs should be 110 degrees. At present, to fully open or fully closed office environment, training the appearance of the chair and the function of the design is different. Only choose the most suitable for their training chair, office environment to find the ideal solution for office environment.
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