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by:Tevson     2020-09-06
According to the lazy man's words, stand than sit, sit lie. We sit and lie is the longest in my life, it is understood that a working life in the office chair for more than 80000 hours, in a high quality multi-function training chair cleaning and maintenance is particularly important. So, how do training chair clean? Training chair factory and office furniture introduce to you! Training chair cleaning method: 1, the chair cloth clean net training chair of wood or metal part, please refer to the documents of other materials. And the adornment of the fabrics, cannot use too rough to brush, so easy to damage the fabric, the fabric material. 2 with leather products, leather art chair home knows, leather training chair is very difficult to protect, but easy to clean gently with a wet towel to wipe. It is important to note, however, this type of chair can't after exposure to clean, otherwise it will cause serious damage to the cortex. Clean the leather chair after training, the best brush oil at a time, keep your skin clean. 3, wrought iron chair metal, especially iron, it is easy to embroidery. So when we wash the iron chair, we as little as possible contact with water. The special cleaning agent can be sprayed to scrub and dry naturally. 4, plastic chair usually with water. If the chair with special material, can find the corresponding thinner, cleaning.
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