Three points [training chair need to know the choose and buy 】

by:Tevson     2020-07-28
Pay attention both to the development of the enterprise in the long term, enterprise training, at this point, has become a necessary way to training chair. But as a consumer, especially not familiar with the office furniture industry, consumers, it is difficult to choose suitable training chair. Choose three key points of training chair need to know. One, meet the needs of the functional training chair must satisfy the functional requirements, and easy to use, beneficial to health of body and mind. This is the premise of 'people-oriented', the core principles must be guaranteed. So on a lot of design in order to meet the requirements, design a more training chair: folding chair training, the training screen cloth chair, plastic chair, training and training with tablet chair etc. 2, height of proportion coordination, width, and depth of three dimensional proportion should be basic coordination; Should reach the coordination and unity of the indoor environment of the size of the furniture. Three, durability in the process of training chairs, people feel safe, because it would not loosen, dumping and dangerous. Training the stability of the chair is closely related to the size of the training chair than, such as the height of close training chair is too high, the depth is too small, easy to cause instability.
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