The size of the office table, right?

by:Tevson     2020-08-27
Table is mainly used for receiving visitors or use of the meeting, is each enterprise necessary office furniture, office general purchase table is according to room size and number of choice, it generally refers to the contour size table or area, and a space is multi-dimensional, in addition to the level of the area and personnel possess size also consider solid height, the size of the parts, etc.

office furniture manufacturer in producing table usually there are five, ten, fifteen, twenty such specifications, but the is the location of the specifications for the size of the table, which is the area of the table, and on the relative number of table leg the frame size but there was no specific corresponding, but we know that framework supporting feet are used to support the bearing, so general is the area of the table, the greater the number of its frame and the size of the legs should be, the greater the and a lot of customers often ignored the concerns, not in this specific requirement, which leads to late structure unstable problem.

table scope of the framework of at least seventy percent of the area of the table, the table legs are calculated according to the length and the area of the desktop size and quantity, if the number of legs with less, they need to increase the size of each leg, in order to make sure you can bear the weight of the desktop, or by number instead of a single quality, which considering the design of beautiful sex again, with several legs so want to see the design needs.

table, many people are used together, don't like the desk for a person, so height can't meet the demand of each person's height and the height of the general office furniture factory standard is between 700 and 800 mm, can choose the lowest, and then do adjustment in office chair, because the chair is each one, you can buy that can adjust the height of the chair.

and guangzhou office furniture manufacturer, focus on production of office furniture custom and enterprise, tailored for the enterprise in accordance with their own style of office furniture, all furniture factory direct sales, quality assurance, cost-effective.

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