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by:Tevson     2020-08-31
In today's fast-paced era, whether students, or gens going to work, there are a lot of young people, for a long time the habit of sitting high attention to fight. Over time, eyesight, brawn pain, joint cervical pain problems frequently occur, such as its there are two main reasons: improper selection tables and chairs; Don't work. To think, one day to spend much time on the chair? Is eight hours, or 9 hours? Even if you leave the seat are always somewhere else, can guarantee that you are sitting in a chair of time also is absolutely more than 6 hours. So, how to choose a comfortable and durable training chair or office chairs, what problems should be paid attention to when the choose and buy? 1. Safety first security is to choose a qualified training chair must consider the primary factor. Shake, with an acute Angle, surface rough training chair is unfavorable choose and buy, in order to avoid students were bruised or scrape. Identify safety training chairs, we can see it in structure and details parts processing. Good training chair round and fluent line process, surface treatment is exquisite, switch design is clever, and err on the side of the steel tube as a support. 2. To environmental protection material, craft exquisite tech training chair of the material at present, is divided into cold A3 carbon steel, polypropylene PP plastic board, wood, PU leather and PE hollow board, etc. , among them with cold A3 carbon steel and polypropylene PP plastic board of the most widely used: PP material: tech training chair of choose and buy when, want to choose no odor, panels, high purity and bright new material, good training chair adopt new close skin to make the panel environmental protection material, in addition to the beautiful and high-grade, more importantly, non-toxic, clean and environmental protection. And usually panel color more dark heavy, there is noise, is the time of material used multiple times, often toxic elements, harmful to human body. Steel pipe: should choose qualified support strength, surface processing support components as a steel frame. Fine workmanship training chair, deep pickling treatment on the surface derusting, multi-layer uniform electrostatic spray coating/plating, uniform wall with smooth, colour and lustre is consistent, not easy ageing, antirust oxidation, etc. 3. Looking for a good training chair humanization design, also should comply with the characteristics of human body engineering design. Stiffness, the humanization design of the chair is easy to cause the students physical and mental fatigue, muscle pain; Poor posture more cervical vertebra and vision problems. Therefore, we should choose accord with human body curve of the spine of the chair design, in this way, the user as long as your chair, you can hold your head high, helps the body stretch upwards. 4. Scene, the color and style color: class can choose according to the needs of different training the colour of chair, more bright color rich vigor and move feeling, can stimulate the enthusiasm of the students up learning style; The routine, such as blue, gray and black is the joker color of indoor, sedate and do not break vogue. Style: training chair currently on the market is divided into three categories: folding chair training, the training of lap four feet chair, lap bow type training chair and so on. Training folding chair close convenient, save a space; Training of lap four feet chair err on the side of the steadfast, style is natural light, without too much decoration; Fall lap arch training chairs conforms to the pursuit of simple and natural fashion of young people and office workers, training courses according to different scenarios to choose different types of training chair. Size: according to use the object's height to choose the appropriate size chair. Like status of truth, the choose and buy training chair also need according to the user's age, height, and weight to decide, in order to obtain more comfortable and healthy seats. On the surface of the seat height from the ground is 41 - in general 47 cm high, high chair will let users feet hanging in the air, causing poor posture and blood circulation suffocate; However low chair will also all stress concentration near the ischial tuberosity, exacerbating neural pressure; Sit board is about 37 - general 47 cm wide, 36 - 42 cm deep, primary and middle school students of seat surface can be appropriately reduced size, and lean back slightly, to obtain a stable and comfortable experience. 5. Durability strong how to choose and buy a durable training chair? Stable structure and good material is the key. According to statistics, training damage rate is the highest chair in the tablet, and damage to the clipboard, basic also condemned a desk chair. Therefore, choose a training with tablet chair is especially important. Good training chair at the same time to improve overall durability of the chair, the key to improve the quality of the tablet, and at the bottom of the tablet with solid steel support, embedded within the steel pipe and more circuitous steel pipe support design for products such as window; At the same time pay attention to all details and strength improvement, make the desk chair is both strong and smooth, thus greatly extend the service life of the stool. 6. Brand safeguard brand reputation guaranteed regular of choose and buy is also crucial. Yamato furniture training chair, have a professional product design team, perfect production and quality control process, and with the super preferential benefit product as the breakthrough point, and with a strong after-sales service, can bring procurement hundred of comfort and security. Health tip: training chair again good, also do not recommend you for a long time to sit! Sit, under the condition of the spine and the surrounding muscle pressure is bigger than lying, standing a lot. Suggest continued to exercise muscles after one hour sitting position. For example: stretch upper limbs, move your shoulders, neck and wrist and finger; Or just stand up and escape from the pressures of accumulation in the hip and spine, kick the legs, turn left, turn right, forward curved waist waist or stretch back waist. Finally, I wish you in the company of a good chair, get twice the result with half the effort, body times! Article source: daiwa url: hotline: 400 - 6699 - 709
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