Students with formaldehyde training chair don't buy

by:Tevson     2020-08-08
To speed up the modernization process, the knowledge update speed, parents always attaches great importance to the education of their children. Children's education has become a top priority. In order to ensure that children have a safe and secure learning environment, students desks and training chair comfort is very important. When some schools use training chair, there will be some strange smell, the smell is probably the formaldehyde, some people will be surprised to ask, how can have formaldehyde in student training chair? In some parts of the training student desk and chair, chair spot-check process, only 21. 2% of the students in line with national standards, nearly 80% of the students is unqualified. About 118 Zhang Xuesheng desks and chairs were tested, all of these are decorated with artificial plate. What is lead to formaldehyde to exceed bid? Student desks, students training chair with formaldehyde for several reasons: use woodiness plank material with formaldehyde; Use the formaldehyde adhesive coated surface decorative materials; Student desks, student training chair in the production of man-made board no seal according to requirements of the standard components; At present, most of the students desks and chairs back of woodiness board type, lining board, drawer adopts low floor veneer. Training chair manufacturer in guangdong province and raw furniture design and production, strictly control the students training chairs adhere to eu standards selection, provide students with the most comfortable and safe and training in class environment.
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