Students also contains formaldehyde in training chair

by:Tevson     2020-08-15
Modernization process accelerated, the knowledge update speed, parents always focus on the child's education problem. The child's education problem become a top priority, in order to ensure the children have a safe learning environment, school desk chair, student training of comfort is very important. In some schools, however, the furniture has just been put into use, there will be some strange smell, the smell is probably the formaldehyde, some people will be surprised to ask, how students training chair and formaldehyde? In some places desk chair, student training for students in the process of checking, found that formaldehyde to release a limited value in accordance with the national standard is only 21. 2%, nearly eighty percent students desks, students training chair quality is not qualified. Tested 118 students desks and chairs, are facing the man-made plank. What caused the formaldehyde to exceed bid? There are several kinds of situation will cause the student desks, student training chair with formaldehyde: use man-made board material of formaldehyde; Stick covered surfaces using formaldehyde adhesives decoration materials; Student desks, student training chair in the manufacture of man-made board parts not according to the standard requirements for sealing side; At present most of the man-made board student desks and chairs back, the lining board and drawer bottom using single panel is low. Guangdong training chair manufacturer and gave birth to the design of office furniture to the student training chair and strictly control the production, adhere to the eu standard material, the school to give students the most comfortable safety, training environment. Aimed at formaldehyde training students desks, chairs, and office furniture called on relevant departments, firmly to investigate, and banned to circulate on the market.
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