Start-up company how to choose office desks and chairs

by:Tevson     2020-08-25

just started a small company, general office space is not very big, and the limited funding, advised to choose a modern board office furniture, affordable and do not break up to date. Compared with solid wood leather office chairs and tables, board type furniture bright color can appear more energetic, capitalising on young people's aesthetic. In the cupboard, mainframe computers, chairs, form a complete set of choices are varied. On average, the price of each seat - 800 1000 yuan.

scheme of a long and narrow space to choose the terrace desk
assume office space is narrow, can choose simple thinking terrace desk.
2 small studio, appropriate chooses 'suit'
assumption is a small studio, three or four people a suit of office furniture is a good choice. The characteristics of this kind of furniture is three or four people in a circle, good progress, team cohesion, and can maintain each other's privacy.

1, when the choose and buy to take office floor plan
experts see, some office furniture store will provide enterprises with the design of the free service, when the choose and buy the best take office plane drawings.
2, pay attention to upgrade the space of office desks and chairs
small company office relocation will be more frequent, when the choose and buy should fully consider office furniture combination problem again.
3, environmental problems cannot be ignored

the material of board type furniture is mainly particieboard, medium density fiberboard (MDF) and three-ply board, these man-made plank in the process of consumption are using large amount of cement, and cement solvent with formaldehyde as raw materials. With product, necessary begged businessmen show relevant inspection certificates, products reach the international standard E1 ( Formaldehyde release a quantity to 1 or less. 5m g/L) The above can only be purchased.
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