Sold 13 years conference chair a n experienced person to tell you: this several conference chair not to buy it

by:Tevson     2020-09-17
'How to buy the meeting chair? '' what kind of meeting chair of good quality? 'Believe that many people are ready to buy chairs have this doubt. The meeting chair manufacturer for many years, accumulated experience in production design, let me in identification of meeting chair quality, performance, and some experience, today is to disclose the insider, the several kinds of conference chair can never buy. 1, the taste is too heavy not buy people sit chair the meeting for a long time, need to make sure that choose environmental protection material. If the meeting the flavor of the chair is too heavy, there is a distinct smell of formaldehyde don't buy, very possible meeting chair manufacturers use inferior materials. 2, hands are scraping the sense not to buy a lot of people when buying plastic chairs to simply look at the conference chair surface have any dirt or scratches, but ignore the other details. Actually depends on not only, but also touch, general qualified plastic products conference chair, with his hand stroke conference chair frame, panels, round the corner, there is no sense of scratches. So if use hand to touch, feel uneven or thin prick the hand, during the manufacture of the plastic chairs ( Process) Meticulous or material of the product itself is not good enough, so this kind of product is inferior, do not to buy it. 3, 3 without the product not to buy general regular meeting chair factory is a production license, and obvious parts of the product will be marked products, such as factory name, QS logo, product name and the production date, etc. Conference chair of choose and buy when the first thing to pay attention to sign recognition, or require the seller to show the brand production license and to get some of the certificate, if it were not for the logo, nor any manufacturer production is likely to be, I'm afraid it's not a guarantee quality. 4, there may be nauseating everyone will say the price is too cheap, cheap goods is not good, the good stuff is not cheap. Conference chair prices generally at a particular time meeting chair price is relatively stable, be in usually, high quality conference chair price 30% higher than the inferior conference chair products. Inferior conference chair usually contain inferior materials, the pressure resistance, corrosion resistance is not in conformity with the national standard, this kind of meeting chair is very unsafe to use, so everyone don't figure when the choose and buy products at a cheap and despised myself and the personal safety of others. Choose the quality of the conference chairs and performance is important, but the design of appearance also affected people's visual experience, so synthesizing various ways, practical and fashion conference chair, is the choice of more people love. Guangdong meeting chair factory and office furniture raw yes chair manufacturer, provide the meeting chair direct selling wholesale and conference chair, have purchase demand of consumers can to yamato living entity shop and have a look.
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