Select students training chair is to choose the first elements of green environmental protection

by:Tevson     2020-07-29
With the popularity of Shared cycling, brought convenience to our travel, at the same time, the concept of green travel of Shared cycling was advocated by the user. We need green travel, of course, we use training chair also need to environmental protection, especially students training chair. Training chair manufacturer yamato furniture design for many years, production, sales, training students chair, committed to build sweet and comfortable, healthy environmental protection training in class environment. As people's environmental protection consciousness is more and more high, green environmental protection to be choosing students training chair, often hung on oral words, more consumers, 'green environmental protection is first consider the condition of selected students training chair'. As a matter of fact, that consumers now although already has the concept of environmental protection training students chair, but on how to pick up to the standard of students training chair is still confused. How to choose the student environmental protection training chair? Training chair manufacturer and prime raw furniture from the chair of the selection to determine students training, this is also the student environmental protection or not the key to training chair. We know that the furniture of environmental protection grade three criteria: E0 grade methanol content of 5 mg / 100 g or less E1 methanol content in 9 mg / 100 g or less. The so-called 'E' class standard, is the state forestry administration enforced on January 1, 2002 'interior decoration decorates material to formaldehyde to release a set limit to' man-made board and its products ( GB18580 - 2001). File, put forward by the Chinese furniture plate the highest standards of environmental protection, this standard reference for same kind of the highest standards of Europe and Japan agricultural standard kind highest indicators. Sheet of China national environmental protection standard is highest 'E1' class, has reached the highest European environmental standards. 'E1' class plate can be directly applied to indoor; And 'E2' class plank must be processed after allowing for indoor. Training chair manufacturer in training students chair, therefore, should focus on select material, training chair manufacturer focus on training and raw furniture chair, self-marketing, for the purpose of green environmental protection, on the training chair material production has been on the basis of the European Union, fixed with plastic, metal, raw material manufacturer cooperation, let the green environmental protection, health, comfortable and students training chair for more services.
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