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by:Tevson     2020-08-31
In a large market, has a wide variety of office chair, so the selection of office chair, on a lot of details, should give enough attention, consumers as to need to pay attention to details are what? , bring a lot of office chair details revealed. 1, the back of a chair. Office chair back of a chair also wants be particular about its comfortable by feeling and security, part chair is very loose, even a slight shake can produce noise, this chair is not only easy to damage, sometimes pose a safety hazard. 2, cushion. Good cushion cost is higher, the general office chair is sponge cushion, marketers are basic on the cushion. Good thick cushion is compared commonly, and with the concave curve, to fit the curve of the bottom, have good support and protection effect to the body, let you have a comfortable feeling of sitting at the same time. Currently on the market of the line shape of the seat is a good choice, sit feels comfortable and conducive to heat dissipation. 3, lift to rod. If you buy swivel chair, must be in the test of swivel chair make lifting movement, on the spot in the process, feel the whole process is fluent and smooth, have without loosening and slippery silk. If the lift feel blocked, so the office chair you must choose carefully. 4, and other details. In office chairs and other hidden part of the small detail place also cannot be ignored, such as rough found parts, or even rusting, it must be bad products.
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