See the three training chair good and bad points' 】

by:Tevson     2020-09-09
When the company attracted to you, just because you enjoy a little of them. When we buy a product, we will also because a feature of the product to buy. Company for office workers to buy training training chair and so on. We will from three aspects to assess the training chair. First, training, chair of the chair people in different gradient of weight is different, the inclination of the training needed for chair back of a chair is actually different. Ordinary training tilted chair fixed, can't rely on light weight, heavy people suddenly tilted to the bottom, neither the feeling of commitment, is also easy to sit. Solution is manual fine-tuning tilt strength, let everyone can find their own weight strength, and through clever design, make the weight of the cushion on the back of a chair, as part of the resistance to different people can have a comfortable experience, and optional ground wheel easy to use on the wooden floor, breathable mesh fabric material, use for a long time did not feel stuffy, suitable for long-term use. Work time is very important. Second, training chair armrest novice judge training chair quality training in the easiest way is to look at the chair armrest is connected to or cushion for leaning on the back of a chair, armrest is connected to the chair on the back of the chair. When the roll, armrest can keep back the same point of view, with people and get comfortable arm support. However, training chair armrest connected with cushions. Lie down, cushion tilt Angle and training chair backrest Angle, namely the person's waist. Therefore, when inclined arm can't comfortable place. Armrest structure in terms of comfort may not be that important, but test the quality of training chair is one of the most simple method, because this simple design is enough to show the attitude of training chair manufacturers. Third, training chair waist said to training chair comfort, the most important should be lumbar support. Although many training chair will have a lot of lumbar support, but did not feel to sit on. Lumbar support, in fact, may be the whole training chair in one of the highest technical content among parts, there must be a complicated mechanical mechanism connecting the training chair, of course, the most real check method must depend on oneself to sit still, regardless of the positions, training can chair back completely bandaged and maintain.
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