Sales training chair 1607 material is introduced

by:Tevson     2020-08-24
Today to introduce you to foshan and gave birth to one of office furniture sales training chair, model is 1605. This training chair is now on the market sell very fire a style, the material of training chair 1607 introduced: training chair back: high strength nylon waist with high elastic mesh cloth, comfortable not hot, can protect your spine. Training chair armrest: nylon plastic armrest, curve design, the perfect support for your arm. Training chair cushion: original sponge, seat cushion high elastic filler, multilayer superposition, sit feeling double. Training chair chair foot: high quality welding technology, welding is complete, surface smooth, beautiful and firm. Plastic MATS anti-skid wear-resisting, sweet caress your floor. Training chair functional specification: training chair seat can turn up, zhang stacked to form the more effect. Also can match the five different tablet, can take castor also can take (. Are liberally training chair application scenario: you can use many large training chairs and meeting rooms, small company internal training room, etc can be used, and even individual household can be. Above is the training with tablet chair introduced, like to consult customer service, quality package your satisfaction.
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