Office furniture to choose what size is appropriate?

by:Tevson     2020-08-27
Desk is when work we use most of the table, desk has become indispensable in the office, study configuration. In order to have enough reason, office space, as well as work convenience, we are equipped with office desks and chairs the most factor to consider is the size of the desk, specifications.

a, desk

in the first place, a single desk according to the use of different occasions, its structure is also slightly different. In general, office staff equipped with desk consists of simple tables and chairs and file assorted ark, use rise more convenient and practical, and so is well received by many employees. This desk size is generally long 1. 3 m wide 0. 6 m high 0. The size of the 75 m, belongs to the relatively standard;

for boss office desk, its specifications and diverse, but its height is the same, for ergonomic 0. Length of 75 m, as far as is often the number, the width is according to the length of the design.

combination desk is usually divided into two types, double, four people. Double desk standard size and small home with drawer, tables and chairs, with a small screen between two desktop, reasonable use desktop space to set up the shelf structure, etc. And the three high 1 respectively. 8 m, 1。 2 m with 0. 75m( Can also be adjusted according to the need for) 。 Put four desks according to the different methods of type can be divided into round two side-by-side with type, size are different.

to be sure, the size of the desk choose general should conform to the following criteria:

1, the percentile & ndash; — To make office chairs and tables of ergonomic design, to adjust its size can be compared to the same;

2, average standards & ndash; — The size of office desks and chairs should comply with the requirements of most people, take its average size;

3, maximum minimum standards & ndash; — This refers to the size of the office desks and chairs are want to consider the maximum or minimum of anthropometric data, such as on the surface of the chair seat width should be selected according to the maximum data;

4, adjustable standards & ndash; — We can often see the application of this principle, such as adjustable chair height, the Angle of the back of the chair and so on.

2, office chair,

office chair height difference in 280 mm & ndash; Between the 300 mm, the height of the desk below is not less than 580 mm, width is not less than 520 mm. Sitting in a chair two feet flat, if thighs parallel to the ground, legs can basically perpendicular to the ground, so the chair height is appropriate. The chair too close from the ground, people sat on it, the leg is very difficult to straighten, lower limb is in a state of bending, leg joints can not relax, come down for a long time, the arms and legs, waist is extremely easy to fatigue, may lead to the occurrence of some lumbar disease and arthritis.

through the above introduction believe everyone on how to choose the size of the office desk and chair has a certain understanding. Choose the appropriate office desks and chairs are really important, if the company want to buy office desks and chairs, advised to choose a regular large office furniture factory, buy high quality products.
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