Office furniture procurement which aspects should be selected

by:Tevson     2020-08-28
1, the integral collocation

enterprise office furniture purchase are generally wholesale purchase, such not only can save costs and increase the intensity of after-sale guarantee, but large-scale purchase choice more, the function of the space using different, thus easy to cause chaotic feeling on the choice, so at the time of purchasing the best unified office furniture design style, make atmosphere in different areas of the office, better to show the enterprise culture.

2, economic and practical

to purchase office furniture premise are affordable, at the beginning of a good office furniture in the design will do market research, understand the demand of the enterprise users, the cost of materials, design, function perfect fusion together, makes the enterprise need the office furniture.

3, green

advocates green environmental protection is the basic demand of modern office, from the perspective of environmental protection to employees health of body and mind perspective is very important, so office furniture design selection of raw materials to do environmental protection material.

4, comfortable habitual

to know office furniture is for people to use, so to meet the demand of office. The mesa right height, therefore, appropriate, appropriate office chair, then there is the user's work habits, such as the need to tank, need big desktop to place files, etc. , these factors are need to consider.

5, the choice of office furniture factory, in terms of quality, needs to see manufacturer of operation time, manufacturers of seniority, manufacturers provide material and so on, through some customer case manufacturer also can be seen that the strength of the company. Guangzhou and raw furniture has 10 years of professional experience in industry, uphold & other Excellent quality, good service & throughout; Spirit, and constantly provide customers with first-class products and comprehensive services, creating more comfortable office environment.
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