Office furniture humanity into a trend

by:Tevson     2020-08-28

the development of the city must have a white-collar job, continuing to speed up the pace of the increase of working strength also makes more and more white-collar workers in sub-health state. In this case, people more and more emphasis on office environment is high, especially office furniture.

spine disease, periarthritis of shoulder is the most common occupational disease, white-collar workers can not deny the fact that the office furniture USES the comfort level is closely related to this. Again in the future development, therefore, the humanization of office furniture will become the office furniture market core competitiveness. Office furniture humanized mainly includes the design of organization whether accord with human body mechanics principle, healthy environmental protection material whether these two aspects.

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comfortable degree is bound to be more and more of the importance of office furniture, furniture structure more accord with human body mechanics principle, the use of the higher comfort level will, in the back of office furniture design and production of furniture enterprises have to human body mechanics for reference, also only this, the production of office furniture to meet the demand of the market. In addition, the furniture enterprises also need to design according to different users post office furniture. For example, the general staff, no independent work space, office furniture in addition to providing a comfortable job, also need to provide maximum illicit close space.

select material environmental health is also very important. 'Green' early is not confined to the household environment, also need to be surrounded by 'green' office environment. And urban white-collar work long time live in time, so the material must be of office furniture and furniture material the same environmental performance, even more than the ordinary furniture. Now, almost office with a computer, office white-collar work by radiation is far higher than indoor, and office furniture if environmental performance can be higher than ordinary furniture will have more market competitiveness.

with the speeding up of the social progress, human nature is bound to become a mainstream trend of office furniture, furniture enterprise also should consider how to improve the function of office furniture to make it better service for consumers.
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