Office desks and chairs what pay attention to? How should choose?

by:Tevson     2020-08-26
Desk is indispensable important office furniture, office space has a important role on the image and development of enterprises, is suitable for desk can not only improve the staff's work experience and work enthusiasm, also can promote the style of the whole office and grade, for the image and development of the enterprise also has played a positive role. So how to choose the appropriate desk? 1, the height of the desk

comfortable desk height is has a direct effect on our health, according to the human body the height of the desk is in commonly 72 - 76 cm high, is the most appropriate, sitting in a chair back sit straight, his arms natural prolapse, both hands placed on the desktop, the big arm and forearm Angle should be close to 90 degrees, so that it will be very comfortable.
office chair will form a complete set, height difference in 28 - control 30 cm, sat in the chair with feet flat, if thighs parallel to the ground, legs can basically perpendicular to the ground, the height of desk and chair is appropriate.

2, the shape of the desk
but we see desk are mostly straight bar, simple and easy to put, compact density has a sense of order, no matter what type of office layout, can be used. And L the common desk through the form of permutation and combination, put into various shapes, such as four can be put into cross together, the two can be placed against the wall as a T, also like a font and type F, can use a space better.
with the development of technology and design idea, desk also have more new design form, many people who shaped desk, comply with the demand of open office space interaction, the modelling of fashion decoration style is more suitable for the creative enterprises. And can lift desk, flexible and convenient, can adjust the height of desk, adjust for differences in usage scenarios, to sit, a variety of needs, improve the office comfort and work efficiency.

3, the color of the desk
desk in the office space to assume certain adornment effect, directly affect the whole office environment and the culture of the enterprise and staff's enthusiasm. General is according to the nature of work, space area, as well as office daylighting degree to choose the color of the desk. Desk to match the color and design style, can better show the appropriate style and the effect of the collocation of space aesthetic feeling.
the office chair is an organic whole, so when choosing color office desks and chairs to them as a whole, can choose the same color. But if you want to show the aesthetic feeling of some differentiation, it needs to be on the collocation of color to choose some different color, avoid is tonal too drab, desk like brown color, for instance, can match a deep black office chair, are brunet attune, have a difference in the unified style.

4, the choice of the material of desk
desk material also need to consider the overall style and the user's preferences, some people like to unique fashion, new material, it can also be like natural selection. Natural wood or solid wood is the most common, simple and elegant but also the most attractive. Glass material fashion sense is strong, transparent model dreamy sense of style is very suitable for creative workers. The most durable desk when metal desktop, durable, large bearing capacity and strong general flexibility.
5, and other considerations for
in addition to the above several aspects, but also focused on the process view of office furniture, such as: the surface of the plate if there is a scratch, indentation, bubbling, degumming defects such as peeling and glue marks; Grain pattern is natural; Sealing side also note, good sealing side cover very level off, smooth, bad sealing side cover is easy to cause uneven, the phenomenon such as case become warped, the work of the staff may cause the arm hurt when wear.
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