Office chair seat material to distinguish and disadvantages

by:Tevson     2020-08-27
General office chair can choose practical and durable, came to the stage for office chair desktop in several kinds of materials, the guangdong and raw office furniture factory and office chair to sit facing material to analyze advantages and disadvantages of several kinds of material to you

1, the net surface office clerk chairs

office chair as a summer is very comfortable, permeability is strong, colour diversity, can match color with desks, the vision has the very big breakthrough, not drab, shortcoming is easy to get dirty, tiny dust is not easy to clean.

2, leather office boss chair, staff chair

leather on the market the most points two kinds, ( 1) XiPi: there isn't much difference with real leather leather, coordination with the cotton density using sit face soft and comfortable, the disadvantage is need to have a good maintenance, easy to rotten, bad. ( 2) Leather, leather and separate layer with leather on the second floor, the first layer leather to relative to the second floor leather is thick, the summer is a bit hot, permeability is relative to the fabric is almost, but is much better than XiPi again.

3, cloth chair

general office cloth are used a lot of office chair, common cloth seats are leisure chairs, cloth sofa, beautiful, permeability is good, the only certainty is not easy to clean.

general staff in real office life office chair mostly net cloth fabric, and the boss is almost use real leather chair.
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