Office chair how to adjust to the most appropriate

by:Tevson     2020-08-27
Office chair, is no stranger to everyone, for office workers a day most of the time is spent on it. But the height of chair is more appropriate, how to adjust the height of the chair in general how comfortable how to adjust, but also should pay attention to your posture is standard. Though a common office furniture, office chair in combine with desk in use process, its highly affect office comfort, also affect health. So the desk height should pay attention to the following points.

1, highly judge

according to the working height of the desk, for office chair height adjustment, adjust the results of the best was straight-backed state of elbows on the table, just like this is the best height, helps to form the best posture loaded. Based on the height of each person to decide, that determine the most appropriate chair height, as long as remember & other; Two vertical & throughout; Can, come sit down look at the thighs and legs, spine and hip vertical vertical, so that you can judge compatible or not.

2, office chair, chair of the adjustment

now on the market a lot of office chair height can be adjust. So in general, adjust the height of the chair, the best adjustment method, is applied and binocular-as displays in the middle of the position. As long as and display to keep a distance of 60 cm, or down a little bit, this is shown on the screen the first typesetting is located in the position of the about 3 cm, slightly downward gaze was formed such rigorous screen Angle, can make the neck muscles relax, so as to achieve the best state. However for some office chair can't adjust, if short, can be on the seat cushion something, high words can on foot pad a little things, anyway to ensure two right angles.

3, office chair height adjustment notice

you may often because of my job, feeling tired, so to note here is that even if tired also don't huddled on the chair, it will aggravate the anchor, and the pressure of the intervertebral disc. When tired, as long as the buttocks to the back of the chair, it is best to put a cushion for leaning on that back can slightly bent, the body is not to be huddled, the burden of and at the same time the back can be reduced to the lowest, so as to reduce fatigue. But if you can at least every half an hour activity less than two minutes, so also can reduce fatigue.

4, can't adjust the chair can consider to replace

now a lot of office chair height is able to adjust, when the company is equipped with office chair more to pay attention to this, an adjustment can only be used for meeting, leisure and other places, if the office chair can't adjust can upgrade, after all, not a moment just a matter of the meeting, want to sit all day long, can't adjust the office chair is not very healthy.

working 8 hours a day do you want to work in a chair, not the standard posture can hurt and cervical spondylosis, to cervical vertebra health must be adjusted by your office seat; To avoid sitting when the deformation of the lumbar curve is not natural to intervertebral disc under too much pressure, affect the body healthy, the seat cushion for leaning on of the lumbar spine must accord with human body engineering principle, etc.

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