Now the production meeting chair from quantity to quality' 】

by:Tevson     2020-08-06
Guangdong meeting chair manufacturer mainly concentrated in shunde, guangdong, etc. Through the survey of shunde furniture city meeting chair factory, found the meeting chair production has been transformed from the 'quantity' to 'quality'. From the previous 'quantity' to 'quality' of the change now mainly in the following several aspects: 1. The formation of industrial clusters. At present, the meeting chair industry cluster mainly has two forms: one is set up in guangdong shunde furniture, chairs and other production industrial park; Second, according to the market demand for furniture production area. 2. Scale. Conference chair manufacturer in guangdong province ding furniture as an example. After the hard work, the original small workshops into factory, small tools into modern machinery and equipment, disordered management into the management system. 3. Quality will be improved, conference chairs from the manufacturing to mechanized production. Machinery manufacturing is no longer just 'quantity', compared with manufacturing, 'quality' has the very big enhancement. In the past ten years, the chairman of the development has to shift from 'quantity' for 'quality', is no longer a simple hand-made. At present, the meeting chair production enterprises in guangdong province ding friends furniture has basically formed a relatively complete industrial system, mainly from manufacturing to mechanized production, from mass production to product sales.
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