New buy office furniture smell big how to deal with?

by:Tevson     2021-01-17
New office furniture more or less have some taste, wooden office furniture itself according to the facts of wood taste or smell of paint, coating of steel office furniture sends out the flavor. The smell also has a bad effect on the human body, so need to remove the peculiar smell. Guangzhou office furniture factory tell you new office furniture odor removal methods.

1, office furniture, the odor removal methods: ventilation

ventilation is commonly used and most direct method, open doors and Windows to natural air circulation. It also is a effective and economic method to eliminate indoor pollution. No person in the office for ventilation as appropriate, in the sun every day try to long a window ventilated and advice of not less than 2 hours.

2, office furniture, the odor removal methods: physical adsorption

to remove the smell of new office furniture mainly by active carbon, HEPA the two substances. But the two substances it certain pollutants can only temporarily, when indoor temperature and wind speed increases in due time, these pollutants will free up again, so you can cause secondary pollution. Avoid this to happen, just be sure to regular change of the adsorption material.

3, office furniture, the odor removal methods: plant

put some green plants in the office can effectively remove the smell oh, especially like bracketplant, asparagus, evergreen, cactus, bamboo of curvature of the spinal column, ivy efficiency of absorbing gas. Relatively popular in the market, moreover, Christmas tree and camphor trees and other large plants, they themselves can release a fresh gas, make people pleasure, taste is very suitable for removing the new furniture.

4, office furniture, the odor removal methods: tea

tea odor removal of this effect, it is after the water to boil, put some tea. When tea steam volatile, with plastic small tong to put it to each room, wait to add water, such repeated operation, can make indoor decoration taste drastically reduced. At the same time can also be used to drink tea overnight after air file cabinet in the office furniture, such as can remove the peculiar smell of formaldehyde.

5, office furniture, the odor removal methods: brine

besides can drink salt water, but it is also a good taste, you only need to put two POTS cold saline indoors, paint flavour and in addition to one or two days. But you can also immerse onion basin, so you can get the same result.

6, office furniture, the odor removal methods: vinegar

can use heated white vinegar into every corner of the room, the effect of heating is to improve the speed of its volatile, instantly make smell fills the office, at the same time also has bactericidal effect, this method is more effective in addition to taste.

the above is the processing of several common new office furniture to taste, you can refer to this method to improve the air quality in office.
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