Net cloth training chair how should maintain

by:Tevson     2020-08-03

Many companies after purchasing the training screen cloth chair, but not never are used every day in maintenance, lead to the appearance of the cloth to save a lot of dirt, accumulation resulting in difficult to clean up for a long time, can only change new training screen cloth chair. The following training teaches you how to maintain good net cloth chair. Net cloth training chair is one of the highlight of its comfortable tactility and rich design and color, variety of colors let office become lively rise. But the clean cloth to be reckoned with, when touch dirt sand dry dirt, such as if pat to or vacuum suction clean, as for into a grain of sand, usable brush brush conveniently inward light, but do not use hard brush so as not to damage the net cloth training chairs. Training chair a few stains can use the 3 m foam detergent spray after about 10 seconds with clean soft cloth to wipe, avoid by all means is used to soiled oil is wiped, can cause fading and trace. If you stick to soft drinks, fruit juices and paper towels absorb moisture, can use first hands with warm water and then dissolving the neutral detergent to wipe, then use a clean soft cloth to wipe dry and low temperature drying.
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