Matters needing attention of training chair clean

by:Tevson     2020-09-05
Training chair is the most often used in our work and study, we need to choose the most healthy and comfortable, fashionable modern training chairs, training chair manufacturer in order to meet the diverse needs of consumers, in addition to training chair design, material selection, training chair design concept, provide a way to solve the space efficiency, office, such as culture and sense of belonging for research and development, design and production. Is also important to notice at ordinary times maintain, however, matters which should be paid attention to in the usual cleaning and maintenance, to explain below. Training chair clean notice one, don't be too loose insist on training chair firmness. Second, sedentary hind often flap should be sitting area and edge, make its restorable, reduce recoil is centered and sag. Three, paper art training chair placed should be far away from the heat content and should prevent sun direct illuminate, it is strictly prohibited under the strong light exposure. Four, normally when clean training chair do not energetically rub is brushed, so as not to damage the skin. For a long time with careless or contamination of leather sofas, leather training chair, can dip in with cloth appropriate concentration of soap and water, Or washing powder, water cut degree is 40% ~ 50%) Scrub. Wipe with water, then dry with a clean cloth. Do not use strong decontamination products ( Such as household cleanser, chemical solvent oil, gasoline, or other improper liquid) To clean. Five, it is strictly prohibited to the person sitting on the training of chair armrest or place heavy objects. Six, in strict accordance with the instructions to regular maintenance training chair, so as to prolong its service life. Seven, don't put the training chair as for the sunshine underground place too long, it will make some plastic ageing, produce hydrogen embrittlement phenomenon. 。 )
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