【 leather training chair maintenance method 】

by:Tevson     2020-08-22
Now, in order to save the company's expenses, most companies will choose when buying leather training chair leather in the west. XiPi also called synthetic leather or artificial leather, beautiful and smooth, feel is good, all aspects compared with cowhide, surface is difficult to distinguish. 。 But also to avoid contamination, so how do you maintain XiPi training chair is the best? Training chair furniture manufacturers and raw teaches you several common methods of maintenance. Training chair during the day can only be wiped gently with clean soft cloth. If the dirt for a long time, the best cleaning method is to use neutral detergent (when diluted with warm water first 1% - 3%) Cleaning, and then use clean cloth to wipe clean fluid of, with dry cloth to wipe, finally to be completely dry before using right amount. With leather maintenance agent even wipe is enough. West skin generally has a good heat resistance, resistance to moisture and ventilation, good quality and super fiber skin quality basic same, some high-grade XiPi even can be used in the airline seats. Born and office furniture company has been committed to the production of training chair. Western leather chair according to eu standards selection, training high quality, comfortable and durable. In the aspect of maintenance, only need to general maintenance. It also has elegant color, excellent touch and beautiful appearance, give consumers the best physical and visual experience. Did you learn how to maintenance XiPi training chair?
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