How to use human body engineering training in folding chair

by:Tevson     2020-09-14
Ergonomics originated in Europe and the United States and the former is only used in the industrial society, as the 'people-oriented' the development of information society, more and more used in the human body engineering in people's life and production activities, but also gave and gave birth to a new idea of training design folding chair. Human body engineering is an emerging discipline, what is a human body engineering? Is the relationship between study and work, the environment, equipment, use of anatomy, psychology and anthropometry, to solve the problem of the relationship caused a principle. Meeting folding chairs is used, so they have to human body measure as the main form, scale; At the same time, training people to use the folding chair, have to leave around folding chair training activities and the use of the minimum, the requirements to be addressed by the human body engineering science. Exiguous in big cities, the location of the office space is not large, the space is little, office environment office staff more than eight hours of office, and office furniture office environment characteristic of now, the human body engineering principle applied to the extreme. Training in folding chair, mainly USES the breathable mesh cloth, native and imported sponge versa nano flannelette environmental materials such as elastic cushion and the back of the chair. The folding chair cushion good ventilation cooling, close skin resistant bacteria; According to human body engineering, burnished by flexible enough to spare, in conformity with the comfortable sitting posture, reasonable curve design reduce hip back pressure. In order to make better use of the space, training and raw folding chair can be folded into a line, easy to put, convenient receive, save space. Over the years, chair of the meeting, training, chair design didn't get a lot of attention on the comfort, different levels of people's health to be threatened, foshan training chair manufacturer and office furniture from the raw materials strict control, production of all kinds of novel styles, with any learning training folding chair, let more people enjoy a comfortable office environment.
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