How to maintain the training screen cloth chair 】

by:Tevson     2020-08-03
Many companies on the net after training chair in use every day, but never maintenance. As a result, the surface area of a lot of dirt. It is difficult to clean up after long-term accumulation, can only change new training screen cloth chair. Next, teach everyone how to maintain network training chair. Network training chair is one of the highlights of its comfortable tactility and rich color. All sorts of color make the office a lively. Clean cloth cover, however, does not allow is too small, the dry dust, such as dust and sand, can use the wipe to go to pat or vacuum cleaner brush with the brush used to make internal light smooth, but can't use hard brush to avoid damages to the training of mesh chair. Training chair of minor stains of 3 m foam spray cleaner for 10 seconds. With a clean soft cloth to wipe, avoid wiping oil is wiped. It can cause fading and traces. If you touch the drinks, fruit juices, etc. Use toilet paper towel water first, and then dissolved the neutral detergent to wipe, in warm water and dry with a clean soft cloth, dry at low temperature.
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