How to maintain the skin art training chair 】

by:Tevson     2020-08-23
Now, in order to save money, buy on the market of leather training chair is mostly made of leather in the west. Western leather, also called synthetic leather or synthetic leather, smooth and beautiful, feel is good. Compared with kraft, the surface is very difficult to distinguish. So, how do paper art training chair maintenance is best? Today I will teach you some common maintenance skills. Western leather generally has good heat resistance and moisture resistance and permeability, excellent quality and super fine leather leather quality similar, some high-end leather can be used even in the west of chairs in the air. Guangdong training chair manufacturers and raw furniture specializing in the production of chairs, its XiPi training chair choice in line with the eu standards, selection of high-grade western leather, comfortable and durable. Maintenance, only need to general maintenance. Everyday, as long as gently with a clean soft cloth to wipe, if long-term production of dirt, the most ideal cleaning method is to use neutral detergent (when diluted with warm water 1%≤3%) First to wipe, then use dry cloth to wipe clean water fluid, finally with dry cloth to wipe, then use the right amount of leather care agent even completely dry after dry. Choose better quality paper art training chair, basic don't need to how to manage, that's why others on the details of your. Teach you learned today
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