How to keep permanent training chair as good as new

by:Tevson     2020-09-03
How to keep permanent training chair as good as new. Training chair, of course, also need not maintain every day, as long as half a month during the month to do a little. If daily maintenance, even if not bad will be to maintain and change. Yamato furniture give you action; 1. To be in good liquidity, environment, dry air, avoid close to the flame, damp walls, also want to avoid sun exposure. 2. Chair with MAO shan brush away the dust, fine when it is necessary to use wet cloth to wipe gently, do not use alkaline water, washing powder and soap, etc. 3. When moving to avoid scratched, collision, boiling water aluminum pot etc. Do not put in training chair. Using the training sample chair should pay attention to don't move around? 。 )
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