How to customize to the appropriate office partition?

by:Tevson     2021-01-16
Is used when many enterprises office design office partition, office partition is not only beneficial to the staff office, privacy, and for different partition crisscross the whole to have the office in beauty, embody the corporate image. So at the time of custom office partition, should pay attention to what problem, how to customize to fit your company's office?

a, colour is tie-in,

office space colour to a certain extent affect people's working conditions, job satisfaction, comfort and quality. Due to the sensitivity of the individual color changes to the environment is different, so the color design of office environment can't be very accurately measure and control. Natural material clear, saturated soft and colorful, can satisfy the different individuals in the physical, psychological and emotional aspects of personalized needs, choose the natural material color series is a kind of design. The colour collocation of the custom office partition more respect for the objective demand of the owner and employees, often use fake cotton and linen fabrics, such as imitation of natural wood, color chooses a mostly saturated, the more clear, soft and thick deep mixed colors, not only in a limited space for staff to create a broad space for visual environment, but also can be within the scope of work for employees to create a comfortable and satisfied with small personal work environment.

2, the dimension design of partition

office not only pay attention to efficiency, is more attention on the use of space, both need to be closed, semi-closed private workshop, conference room, also want to have an open area, to facilitate information exchange. Work or meeting room to cut height in 1800 work or meeting room partition height in 1800 mm or more, the height of implicit closed space is commonly used as a higher employees in the company office, conference room is used in the meeting of confidentiality level is higher. In the design of office space, this partition using fewer. Semi-closed private workshops, conference room partition height in 1200 semi-closed private workshops, conference room partition height is controlled in 1200 mm to 1600 mm, the more closed space, besides can store content ark, can put the computer and other office automation equipment, used in the office or the general meeting room of ordinary workers; Of which about 1200 mm high partition is the most basic workshop, partition can be added at the top of the locker; In the office, in the design of this type of partition using the most. Open area is the partition height is controlled in 750 mm to 1100 mm, often used in office resources, or needs no obstacles to communication among employees, also can be used for the reception, in the design of office space, this partition is widely used in the general staff office area.

3, economic policy should be

office structure change often, designers must correctly estimate the company expected to development and analysis of the state may be the total number of change, to the best economy should be measured as a design basis. Intelligent partition system design and rich elasticity and extension of function, can effectively reduce the cost of office organization structure change. It breaks through the traditional partition structure design, the pillar structure with & other; Drag & of easy disassembly type throughout; Node, extensions can easily split short or replace, can according to the different requirements of office space a sense of security, privacy, publicity, and for the design of different heights assembly. With functions of extension, and even can be extended by a table as a set of connected to the workstation or administrative personnel office, very conducive to team combination and development of the space, office space design is improved effectively the investment benefit. Intelligent partition system also equipped with various small accessories, such as a small brush pot, disk boxes, bookcase, flower racks, etc. , even also has & other; Drag & of easy disassembly type throughout; Node, according to own hobby and need to free combination collocation. Adorned the personal work space, these small measures to enhance the staff satisfaction of the company, also increase the employee's work efficiency.

4, high & other; Value added & throughout;

mainly reflected in his high value-added component, generally for the configuration computer recording telephone, fax, printer color scan, password file drawer, the information such as intercom equipment inside and outside the line management excellence. Its line management is very perfect, partition pillar and rail not only can hide a lot of wire, and armed with the line groove to separate different types of wire in order to reduce interference, make line arranged orderly.

customize suitable office partition need custom and office furniture company further communication, custom is more suitable for your company's partition.
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