How to choose the training with the chair 】

by:Tevson     2020-09-03
In recent years, the training of chair is very popular in China, is also very popular with consumers. But many users still don't know how to buy good quality training chair. Today, let yamato furniture to share with you the next. 1, training materials and high-end training chair, chair generally adopt rigid memory cotton, rebound sponge, namely its ability to automatically restore its original shape after decompression. There is also the training of fabric on the surface of chair, high-grade cloth training chair, usually of high density, good elasticity; If it is the training of the leather chair, should be soft. 2, training with training chair chair appearance design with fashion, quality assurance, conform to the principle of ergonomics training chair. 3, pay attention to training with the chair of the chair and the chair back of a chair cushion for leaning on training's main function is to support the body's back and waist. A good training chair can effectively alleviate fatigue caused by sitting back and waist. Therefore, the training chair backrest comfort is very important. As a result, the design of the back of the chair that best fits human back S form, to the waist and comfortable, should be in the position of the third, fourth and fifth lumbar vertebra body to support design. It will also provide long-term pressure relief for spine. 4, training a high quality training chair chair price in workmanship, materials and sponge material and craft is very exquisite. Use only in training chair original sponge can take up a large part of the cost. Nowadays, more and more workers suffer from lumbar spine and disease, it has a lot to do with training chair.
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