How to choose the computer chair

by:Tevson     2020-09-01
Good three, understand the structure of the chair there is a standard of a good computer chair, should be made up of five parts: the five-star feet, pressure pump, chassis, sitting board, and back. Only individual members do their job, coordinated, form a comfortable and durable computer chair. The first part: the computer chair five-star feet, namely slide computer chair five wheels, they bear the weight of the body, is related to the durability of computer chair. A lot of cheap computer chair wheel is made from plastic or even waste plastic, and the physical properties of the plastic is not good, summer is too soft winter too brittle, people often encounter when using the wheel suddenly broken. Better wheels inside the plastic added appropriate nylon, increase its wear resistance. Of course, the wheels of the stainless steel and aluminum alloy casting is better. The second part: the computer chair air pressure pump, it supervisor computer chair lift. The personage inside course of study points out, good pressure pump, and the poor quality of air pressure pump prices differ about seven times. Poor quality of the air pressure pump steel wall is thin, the valve closed lax, time is long will leak, lead to can't lift chair. And gave birth to teach you a method to measure the air pressure pump is good or bad: the chair up to the top, and then down down, if the chair all of a sudden drop in the end, if falling does not rebound when the feeling, the quality of the air pressure pump is not good enough. The third part: computer chair chassis, this is the chair of the brain, almost all the functions are achieved by chassis. Chassis can manipulate the Angle of the chair back or forward, and the degree of hardness and softness, chassis function determines the whole computer can tilt or just the back seat to tilt. The fourth part: the computer chair sitting board, it must accord with human body curve of hips and thighs. Sitting on a board cover, the relationship between the density and thickness of the sponge to the seat comfort, if the above is too thin, density sponge is not enough, sit for 3 months will be 'seat is not confirmed. The fifth part: the back of the chair of computer, this section must be accord with human body function, and the curve of the human spine nicely as closely as possible, and the back of elasticity and toughness is one of the important factors to decide whether or not comfortable. To learn more about meeting training chair please open the following url:
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