Guangzhou office furniture procurement: how to choose the office chair

by:Tevson     2020-08-25
Office chair is the most contact with our daily work, office chair comfortable relationship with our health and work efficiency. The depth of the office chair

more formal occasions, people sitting position is sitting. The posture of people should be good, will be expected to sit in chairs in front of the & other; Light & throughout; The location of the. If at home, people will be more relaxed, this situation is unlikely to do much deeper. So you should sit when buying, try the seat when the depth of the whole body feeling, can know whether it can meet the needs of office. Office chair - The height of the chair foot

with the user's feet long and, of course besides chair class high chair, chair seat surface height are usually not too exaggerated, but if the unit does have short stature also to consider. The height of the armrest

when seated, if it is used to put both hands hang down, might as well choose the armrest is low or no office chair armrest; But if you like the whole people shrink in the middle of the office chair, then, deeper chair, armrest is higher, seat surface is probably the best choice. The height of the back of the chair

like the person who sit, besides can choose without armrest, back of a chair stool, also can choose low armrest and back of a chair of the chair, the seat's centre of gravity will in people's waist; If you prefer to focus on the back and relying on the on the back of a chair, so might as well choose back higher office chair, at this time also can look at the height of the back of a chair is near the neck. Sometimes a chair height near the neck, instead lets users habitually put the neck with a ninety - degree Angle on the back of a chair, so easy to cause harm to the neck. Chair of the slope

although the impression of office chair seems to be the chair cushion and backrest into ninety degrees, but in fact most of them are a little backwards, the whole people can quietly sitting in a chair. Performance more leisure chair, slope is bigger, people as if like lying on a chair to sit in. Chair of softness

note that whether or not the chair cushion and backrest softness and comfortable. If you are not attached office chair cushion, mat, directly see the hardness of material itself. The additional part should pay attention to the internal filler was used, and try to sit on. The stability of the chair

note that chair in the processing of detail structure, knew that the stability of the chair. Especially odd chair the chair foot as the main support of chair, more attention should be paid to structural problems, such as CARDS, screw joint inspection, it is very important.

the above is about purchasing office furniture office chairs attention point of choose and buy, learn more about office furniture of choose and buy skills to yamato furniture company website!

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