Folding chair training consumer groups and the application scope of 【 】

by:Tevson     2020-08-08
With the development of the country and the improvement of people's living standard, people gradually pay attention to training and education. And now a lot of training industry in addition to the source of students, another question is training the choice of furniture, most of them are old-fashioned furniture, not only take up the space is not beautiful, now let's go to understand training folding chair of the consumer groups and the range of application. Folding chair training gradually become a trend in China is a populous country, with the development of the country and the improvement of people's living standards, the importance of training education are also gradually improve, various training courses are also booming, the current training industry is the source of students. Another question is training the choice of furniture, most of the old furniture is made from a mix of tables and chairs, training not only takes up space and heavy and not beautiful, also produce a new kind of training in furniture, chair and combining, saved a space, simple diversity, was deeply loved by training personnel. At present, the training chair according to its style is divided into three categories: folding chair, legs training chair chair and bow type training. Among them, the folding chair is the most popular training. According to incomplete statistics, 20 market analysis, folding chair training accounted for about 75% of the market all kinds of sales training chair. Its main characteristic is light, save a space, hard. Durable, bearing, transportation is convenient. It was the prototype of the TH 03 training folding chair, in the top of the furniture. Folding chair folding chairs on the market and training chair the highest sales, accounts for about 60% of total market sales, the market sales training chair single champion. The product is popular among training institutions, companies and teachers. The Asian games in guangzhou, and other important media conference also has use. Training chair classification; Look from the material composition, can be divided into the training leather chairs, mesh cloth chair, plastic chair, etc. From the point of view of function, it can be divided into: folding chair, take writing board training chairs, multi-function training chairs, etc. From the use of perspective, there are mainly training institutions, conference room, reading room, book room, training rooms, staff training, etc. Chair of the consumer groups: training chair of consumption are mainly concentrated in three categories: one is to buy big and small businesses; The second is to buy the government agencies; Three is to buy school unit; Four is to buy homes. About training chair and the application scope of consumer groups, are there any other problems? If you want to learn more, please continue to pay attention and office furniture
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