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by:Tevson     2020-08-30
Many companies on the market when buying meeting chair, will be the first time from the conference chairs the practicality and comfort of the choose and buy, so the fashion and comfortable meeting chair became the first choice for purchasing conference chairs. During a meeting in our work and indeed, most of the time are sitting. Comfortable meeting can we sit chair more comfortable, work life more health. Fashion conference chair from the appearance of the design, materials and colors, walk on the leading edge, style follows trend direction, in order to meet the needs of more customers. Enterprise in choosing fashion conference chair at the same time, the more we should departure from the conference chair comfortable health, for the chair seat surface, back of a chair, armrest from several aspects such as consideration, choosing the most suitable for enterprise's healthy chair of the meeting. Comfortable meeting chair design should let users focus fell on the hip bones in the upper body, to person's seat ( Ischial tuberosity) Reference point shall be set the height of the seat, generally speaking, the height of the seat for px - 975 1050 px between, because the height of the seat if it is below 950 px, user's knee will hog, leading to a feeling of discomfort, and users want to get up, will be difficult. When the height of the seat more than 1250 px, when users after sit down, body pressure will spread to the thigh part of users, the users of compression of thigh, serious can lead to leg swelling
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