Enterprise training should be how to choose the folding chair?

by:Tevson     2020-09-19
Now a lot of enterprises in order to save space, office environment, while buying the training chair, training can choose folding chair, to make more office space. So, how should we choose high quality training of folding chair? Make training chair manufacturer yamato furniture introduce to you. 1, pay attention to the strong degree: the framework of whole quality, available around hands before and after training will fold chair shake, shake, strong description framework. 2, attention to the quality of the cloth: buy training cortex folding chair can use two fingers hold a pull a pull up, feel strong, restorative good is fine quality. 3, pay attention to the welding place: training if folding chair is a steel frame structure, pay attention to the welding place to smooth, no gap, more uniform, soft coating look. 4, pay attention to the thickness of the steel tube: training if folding chair is aluminum alloy tube, the thickness of the steel tube 1. About 2 mm, without impurities as well. 5, try to sit. Personally tried to sit, understand fold the comfort level of training chair, every Angle to a change, in determining the before you buy. In addition, training chair furniture manufacturers and raw advice, when choosing high quality training of folding chair, folding chair training should be paid attention to whether or not to use principle of human body engineering design, only ergonomic chair folding training can let a person sitting not tired.
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