Custom office furniture should pay attention to the five key elements

by:Tevson     2020-08-26
1, office furniture sealing side is when the slide is smooth

the modern office furniture are PVC edge banding three poly amine hydrogen plate with metal steel frame structure. This needs us to use to use environmental protection board, the dry humidity of plank strictly to reach standard, or office furniture sealing side is likely to crack fall off. Yamato furniture raw all furniture plate well is to use the German trenches automatic edge banding machine. Therefore, furniture edge banding can reach more than five years of use. Mesa corner office furniture should try to be rounded corners, this can make our furniture more accord with human body engineering.

2, solid wood leather office furniture paint should be smooth level off

now executive desk of office furniture more is to use the walnut wood veneer cover batch grey primer paint and oil skin again. This desk is way of ensuring we'll have wood grain, can drop at the end of the production cost, can make office furniture into the ecological and environmental protection industries. The paint partly for the sake of smooth level off, granular and it is not a knot, colour and lustre is uniform. Base material part requires the use of environmental protection in the high density fiber board, so as to ensure that executive desk grip strength to reach the corresponding technical standards.

3, office furniture custom fittings installed whether standard

office furniture used in the process of custom accessories is particularly important. Such as office furniture locks accessories, the accessories in the office furniture is a fairly small accessories, the accessories are also test whether an office furniture company production of furniture quality standards of a standard. The accessories if you use inferior parts, most likely in the process of you use bring you considerable trouble. And three dark file cupboard door hinge, is the need to install the three above the door of the ground to achieve stable. Some corners installed two door ground is not only to ensure the quality, a long time will have the risk of falling.

4, office sofa, office chair should personally experience whether comfortable

when choosing office sofa, office chair, should pay attention to the surface level off, can't appear rugged. Cut out size is just right, cannot appear skewed. Soft hard to can't be too hard, of course, also can't reach soft appropriately, this will need to personally experience. There is hand press a press sound, use of the spring is soft hard moderate. Second, should also pay attention to the quilting presence of disconnection, jump line, the density of edge horn is reasonable, whether the Angle of smooth.

5, office furniture whole color should be coordinated with the style of the decoration is in the company's corporate culture

custom office furniture in the choice of the color must be compatible with the style of a decoration. Some office furniture's color can be very good, but do not conform to the overall design style must not choose the color of the design, otherwise the result may be special mess, no original design style.

and high-grade furniture factory focus of green fashion office furniture production and customization, choose green environmental protection material, adhering to the rigorous European production design concept, exquisite and meticulous finish every working procedure, to ensure product quality excellent, build green healthy office environment!

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