Comfortable office chair how to choose

by:Tevson     2020-08-20
In daily work, if we long time sitting in office chair design is not reasonable, will directly affect our operation of the human digestive system, it is the least, because every day sitting in office work, sat is 3. Four hours. First of all, disrupts the body's metabolism. And trigger a variety of physical diseases, so the office chair choice is particularly important. What the hell we how to choose a comfortable? 吗? Office chair? 吗? ? Then give you a reference experience to share! First: office chair backrest believe that ask people how to choose a comfortable office chair, certainly a lot of people will say back of a chair is key, yes answer exactly right. Normally we requirements of office chair back of a chair is comfortable on feeling and the safety of office chair. Now most of office chair back of a chair is the human body engineering design, supporting living body can be a very good each fulcrum. But we also attaches great importance to the height of the back of a chair is the best is to choose can freely adjust the back of the chair height of office chair, can according to the height of oneself to the height of the most comfortable. Second: office chair cushion and then look at this office chair cushion, in general office chair cushion, if is a good material of its office chair cushion will be more thick. Take a look at this office chair cushion is with the concave curve. Has the very good cushion chair sit feeling is very comfortable. Then there is the sponge must pick on you, don't buy those showed inferior recycle. Collocation can make you a good cushion sedentary not tired. Third: office chair lift bar and chassis if office chair can be rotating lifting, the lifting rod and the chassis is also very important. Which office chair to lever pressure rods of the performance of the material and the pressure bar, at the time of purchase will be on trial. Then there is the stability of the chassis is also very important. This time we'll take a look at this office chair adopted by the material of the chassis. Is the best choice made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy material, so safety guaranteed. Fourth: office chair foot wearing a good comfortable office chair, we need to have a look at this office chair chair foot. The choice of office chair foot is also very important. Generally should choose the five claws designed office chair chair foot, so more can guarantee the stability of the whole of the chair. Is now on the market the most common design, it is best to use nylon material. See here everybody should know how to choose. Finally make a small summary in here. We should try to sit on her when buy, look at this office chair stability and it can adjust the sensitivity of the place, and so on, and be very the attention of the chair in the processing of detail. So we have to buy office chair, can more meets our requirements.
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