Clean the training chair considerations' 】

by:Tevson     2020-08-24
Training chair is the most commonly used in our training meeting. We need to choose healthy, comfortable, modern fashion training chair. In order to meet the diverse needs of consumers, training chair manufacturers should not only in training chair design and material selection of fluctuation kongfu, but also in training chair design concept, from the space effect, training, comfort and culture provide a solution. The peacetime training chair cleaning and maintenance of the matters that should be paid attention to what? Training chair clean notice one, don't be too loose insist on training chair firmness. 2. After sitting, the part and the edge of flap should often sitting area, restore its original state, reduce depression caused by recoil is concentrated. Third, should be placed away from the radiator chair leather art training, avoid direct sunlight, strong light direct sunlight is forbidden. 4. Don't rub training chair, so as not to damage the skin. For use for a long time, or accidentally dirty leather sofa, can use the appropriate concentration of soap and water, Or washing powder, water containing 40% 50% or less) Swab dipped cloth leather chair. Remember, with a clean cloth to wipe dry with water. Don't use strong detergent ( Such as detergent, chemical solvent turpentine oil, gasoline, or other inappropriate liquid) To clean. Five is forbidden in training the arm of a chair or place overweight items. Six is in strict accordance with the instructions, regular maintenance training chairs, prolong its service life. 7. Don't put the chair in the sun too long, training can lead to some plastic ageing and hydrogen embrittlement.
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