Choose good work conference chair to sit more comfortable' 】

by:Tevson     2020-07-30
Many enterprises in the market to buy conference chair, will be the first time from practical and comfort on a purchase conference chair, so fashionable and comfortable meeting chair to be the first choice of the enterprises purchase meeting chair. Indeed, most of the time we were sitting at work and during the meeting. Comfortable chairs can we sit more comfortable, more health work and life. Fashion conference chairs should look, choose and color on the design of walking in the forefront of The Times, and conform to the trend, to meet the needs of more customers. Enterprise when choosing fashion conference chairs, from the comfort and health of the meeting chair, consider meeting chair seat, backrest and armrest, choose the most suitable for enterprise health conference chairs. Comfortable meeting chair design should let the user's body focus fell on the hip bone, according to the human body seat ( Sciatic junction) Benchmark set the height of the seat, under normal circumstances, the seat height in the px - 975 Between 1050 px, due to the seat height is less than 950 px, users knee will hog, causing discomfort, and the user wants to stand up, it will be difficult; When the seat height is greater than 1250 px, when the user to sit down, the user's body pressure will spread to the thigh, create user thigh pressure, serious lead to leg swelling.
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