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Buy Canteen Furniture Dining Chair In China? Come To Tevson!


Feedback from our customer. “Bought some furnitures for our new staff canteen recently, it’s great and we love it!”.

We are really happy for this positive feedback and the attached photos. The dining tables and chairs match perfectly, the finally presentation exceeds client’s expectation.

Let’s mainly introduce our dining chairs to you. These modern plastic stackable chairs have been our best selling plastic chairs in Shunde area in these two years. It’s affordable, one of the best budget chair. Green plastic back & seat add a pop of color to staff canteen, also these chairs can stack for easy and convenient storage.

This model is designed by our Tevson design team, with design patent, very simple and versatile. It features high quality plastic back & seating with metal legs, comfortable, durable, sturdy & easy to clean. This multi purpose polypropylene stacking chair offer a practical and economical seating option for a variety of environments, perfect for large volume seating requirements, ideal for use in lunchrooms, canteens, cafeterias, training rooms, schools, breakout areas, banquet halls, for events & conference.

This armless non-upholstered stacking chair in a lightweight, easily stored and used. 3 regular color for selection: grey-white, green and black. Customized color is also available, If you have demand of customized color, welcome call to our sales team for getting further service.

There are so many similar one in the market, but the structure, the material, the quality and the after-sales service are different by different company, different design. How about take the first step -  evaluate us by taking samples? A small step can lead to big results, great success.

Browse our chair selection now: www.tevson.com.

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