Away from the lumbar disease of cervical vertebra, you need a suitable chair of the meeting

by:Tevson     2020-08-02
Long hours every day sitting in the office workers, fear most is the cervical vertebra, lumbar disease, sedentary become habits, poor posture cause discomfort, also has close relationship with the meeting chair. Conference chair furniture manufacturers and raw think, choose a suitable meeting chair, can much reduce the incidence of cervical spondylosis. So, in a high quality suitable meeting chair is what standard? Yamato furniture raw ergonomics chairs professional stylist points out, a good comfortable chairs for the base and the back of the chair and armrest has higher requirements. Good meeting chair base hard, strong support. From a scientific point of view, from the height of the ground in the 40 - general base 45 is the most reasonable, specific judgment method can use a leg to measure. General crus can sit on a chair nature on the floor of the distance is the best. Besides the meeting chair base, back of the chair is one big key. Good quality meeting the curve of the chair back and spine curvature match, back of the chair upside has raised high enough with cervical vertebra. So we in the choice of time can according to the above standards. In addition to the above two points, the meeting chair manufacturer also pay special attention to in design production meeting chair armrest, good meeting chair except let by taking the characteristics of the armrest can also support the elbow, so shoulder muscles is not easy to strain. Conference chair furniture manufacturers and raw suggest, should choose the appropriate high-quality conference chair, office to better safeguard staff's health problems. But the office of the occupational disease does not only depend on the meeting chair to solve, completes the occupational disease prevention, office white-collar workers should stick to the exercise of the waist, do more stretching, rotating around the waist after activity.
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